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20111028_103708_19592 20111029_104817_19505 20111029_122728_195009 (1) 20111029_125720_00175
Victoria Falls from Zambia side-Zimbabwe is on the left side. Zambezi River below. African Darter-reflection Saddle-billed Stork with elephant in the background Elephant in river. It's trunk up in the air, smelling
20111030_092115_00248 (2) 20111030_180731_10911 20111030_185821_10997 20111030_192718_10997
Two lions laying down-one sleeping, other yawning Yellow-billed hornbill with wings out to cool itself Sunset at Linyati Sunset at Linyati
20111031_095531_00175 20111031_182044_00372 20111031_182950_00372 20111031_183930_00372
African elephant at Linyati Two African wild dogs together Wild dogs playing African wild dogs playing and chasing
20111031_184555_00372 20111031_185203_00372 (1) 20111101_074155_00248 20111102_124720_00175
African wild dog-head shot African wild dog by water-reflection Lion-head shot Elephant feeding off tree at the Duma Tau camp
20111102_194826_10997 20111103_100939_10919 20111103_122031_10911_1 20111103_144457_10991
Sunset over Linyati River Scenic of tree and termite mound at Linyati Reserve Crested Barbet perched on limb Aerial view of Okavango Delta
20111103_183823_00217 20111104_073559_00360 20111104_075325_00375 20111104_080209_10904
20111104_092935_10904 20111106_121929_10977 20111106_123618_00175 (1) 20111106_183246_10919
  Squacco herons flying-Okavango Delta Elephant in grasses with trunk up Water lily in Okavango Delta
20111106_185140_10960 20111106_190153_10919 20111107_085601_10919 20111107_174055_10977
People in Mokoro (dug-out canoe) Baobab tree on island of Okavango Delta Water lily and lillypads in Okavango Delta Scenic of island and reflection at Okavango Delta
20111107_174927_10977 20111107_193312_10909 (1) 20111108_065749_10997 20111108_074717_10911
Scenic of island and reflection at Okavango Delta Great egrets flying at sunset Sunset over Okavango Delta Bennett's Woodpecker-Jacana Camp in Okavango Delta
20111108_083903_10909 _DSC1750 _DSC1961 _DSC1993
Saddle-billed stork walking in grasses      
_DSC2015 _DSC2044 _DSC2152  

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