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20120917_173839_13060_1 20120918_092257_13060 20120918_094556_13050 20120918_094621_13050
Portrait of Muslim man Cattle and goats on gravel road-boy and others running towards camera Homes and storage areas off the highway in southern Ethiopia Homes and storage areas off the highway in southern Ethiopia
20120918_160238_13060 20120918_160927_13060 20120918_162429_13060 20120918_163050_13060
Portrait of Hamar young girl with hair ocred Portrait of Hamar child-head shot Hamar women in a line together during a ceremony Hamar men and women in ceremony-men jumping
20120918_163648_13060 20120918_171456_13060 20120918_171955_13060 20120919_081934_13060
Hamar women together in ceremony-close up Hamar men together dancing during a ceremony-men jumping Hamar men and women in semi-circle during ceremony-dramatic with long shadows Portrait of Dassenech man with head decoration
20120919_094956_13060 20120919_173033_13060 20120919_173207_13060 20120920_073933_13060
Close up of Dassenech man wearing cheetah cape and headdress of feathers Portrait of Hamar woman Four Hamar women standing side by side-close up Portrait of Arbore woman with material covering over head
20120920_074710_13060 20120920_174404_13060 20120920_180513_13060 20120921_165127_13060
Portrait of Arbore woman with material covering over head Dassench woman standing on platform which has storage for grain Dassenech woman drinking from gourd Portrait of Kara men, women and children all standing together on bluff
20120921_170429_13060 20120921_170851_13060 20120921_173131_13060 20120921_181243_13060
Portrait of Kara boy and child sitting on log-Omo River below Portrait of decorated Kara man sitting on log, with Omo River below Portrait of Kara woman with her face painting, necklaces and jewelry-head shot Scenic of decorated Hamar woman standing on cliff with Omo River below
20120922_074722_13060 20120922_181723_13060 20120923_082429_13060 20120923_170545_13060
Head shot of Kara man showing face and body painting Portrait of decorated Kara woman on bluff overlooking Omo River and valley below Portrait of decorated Kara young man holding baby goat-close up Portrait of decorated Kara baby
20120924_162212_13060 20120925_074434_13060    
Young Ethiopian girl standing on top of mound, with sky behind her Portrait of three Mursi women-Close up

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