Tanzania, Africa

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Tarangire National Park
001-taranire001 001-taranire002 001-taranire003 001-taranire004
Baobab tree at sunrise Marabou stork in water Baby baboon Baobab tree at sunset
001-taranire005 001-taranire006 001-taranire007 001-taranire008
Baby Elephant and mother Baby Elephant and mother Rainbow and Tarangire plain near Lake Manyara Giraffe and baby
001-taranire009 001-taranire010 001-taranire011 001-taranire012

Elephant in plains


Acacia grove and Tarangire River Black-backed jackal Baboon with sausage from sausage tree
Lake Manyara National Park
002-lake-manyara001 002-lake-manyara002 002-lake-manyara003 002-lake-manyara004
Elephants walking in forest African Spoonbill Baboon feeding in tree Elephant using tree to scratch
002-lake-manyara005 002-lake-manyara006 002-lake-manyara007-(1) 002-lake-manyara008

Baboon baby in tree


Masai giraffes in plains Ground Hornbill hunting Close up of Lion resting in tree
Ngorongoro Crater
003-ngorongoro001 003-ngorongoro002-(1) 003-ngorongoro003 003-ngorongoro004-(1)
View from rim of Ngorongoro Crater Golden jackal and hyena in faceoff Lion stalking cape buffalo Burchell's Zebra fighting
003-ngorongoro005-(1) 003-ngorongoro006 003-ngorongoro007-(1) 003-ngorongoro008
Wildebeest walking in single line Bull Elephant walking in Plains Vervet Monkey with young Kori Bustard in courtship display
003-ngorongoro009 003-ngorongoro010 003-ngorongoro011 003-ngorongoro012

Sunrise from rim of Ngorongoro Crater


Cheetah walking near Lake Magadi Lion resting in plains Bull Elephant in forest
004-serengetti001 004-serengetti002 004-serengetti003 004-serengetti004
Serengeti kopje Cheetah and young on termite mound Marabou Stork on tree stump Burchell's Zebra on hillside
004-serengetti005 (1) 004-serengetti006 (1) 004-serengetti007 004-serengetti008
Gong Rock Wildebeest running in plains Zebras in waterhole Cheetah running in plains
004-serengetti009 004-serengetti010 004-serengetti011 004-serengetti012
Lions laying down near zebra Closeup of elephant's eye Masai Giraffe standing in plains Herd of Wildebeest

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