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Below is just a sampling of my collection of bird images. All images on this gallery are available as stock. Please contact me for more information or to inquire about ordering.

001_00009-01711 Scarlet Ibis 002_00006-01103 Barn owl 003_11135 Long-eared owl 004_11119 Long-eared owl
Scarlet Ibis Barn owl Long-eared owl Long-eared owl
005_00011-03010 Thick-billed parrot 006_11213 Bald eagle-head shot 007_12111 Caribbean flamingo bathing 008_14506-00212 Nubian vulture in tree
Thick-billed parrot Bald eagle-head shot Caribbean flamingo bathing Nubian vulture in tree
009_14506-00411 Wht.-backed & Hooded vultures 010_15282 Great egret 011_23739  Grey-headed kingfisher 012_18309-00112 Crowned cranes
White-backed & Hooded vultures Great egret Grey-headed kingfisher Crowned cranes
013_21563 White peacock 014_22266 Barn owl 015_22306 Rainbow lorikeets 016_23933 Less flamingos
White peacock Barn owl Rainbow lorikeets Lesser flamingos
017_25497 Military macaw 018_30752 Tawny eagle on skeleton 019_25522 Cock of the Rock 020_25501 Peacock
Military macaw Tawny eagle on carcass Cock of the Rock Peacock
021_27542 Lilac-breasted roller 022_29963 Von der Decken's hornbill 023_34668 Lk Nakuru & flamingos 024_34947 Tawney eagle-MM
Lilac-breasted roller Von der Decken's hornbill Lake Nakuru & flamingos Tawney eagle
025_61511-00108 White-fronted parrot 026_39214 Bataleur eagle-Amb 027_39622 Crowned crane and young-Sam 028_63006-03220 Western screech owl
White-fronted parrot Bataleur eagle-Amb Crowned crane and young Western screech owl
029_63406-00806 Burrowing owl 030_63006-05005 Swainson's hawk 031_Yellow-billed stork-LN 032_63409-04606 Great Blue Heron
Burrowing owl Swainson's hawk Yellow-billed stork Great Blue Heron
2005-10-24_094130_82250 2005-10-29_163232_82250    
Nazca booby on rock Yellow-crowned Night Heron

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