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These and many more images of various animals are available as stock. Please contact me for more information and to order. Click on any thumbnail to see an enlarged version.

001_00002-00503 Alligator 002_00247-00401 Agama lizard 003_2006-06-23 211347 004_24103 Red fox kit
Alligator Agama lizard Black tailed prairie dog Red fox kit
005_11746 Uinta ground squirrels 006_21590 Snowshoe hare 007_22071 Agama lizard 008_22072 Agama lizard
Uinta ground squirrels   Snowshoe hare   Agama lizard   Agama lizard  
009_23280 Raccoon baby peering out of stump 010_22227 Raccoon lying in tree 011_22214 Pine marten 012_22291 Porcupine with leaf
Raccoon baby peering out of stump Raccoon lying in tree Pine marten Porcupine with leaf
013_28028 Black-tailed prairie dogs 014_25423 River otter with fish 015_24080 Morpho butterfly 016_24088 Checkered lime swallowtail
Black-tailed prairie dogs River otter with fish Morpho butterfly Checkered lime swallowtail
017_25175 White peacock butterfly 018_25472 Paper kite butterfly 003_23270 Koala and baby 008_24064 Koala in tree
White peacock butterfly Paper kite butterfly Koala and baby         Koala in tree        
009_24067 Koala 014_25517 Koala 015_28763 Koala  
Koala Koala         Koala  

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