Ungulates Gallery

An ungulate is defined as a hoofed animal. Below is a sampling of my collection of various ungulates. Most images were taken in the wild in Colorado, Yellowstone and Africa. All images on this gallery are available as stock. Please contact me for more information or to inquire about ordering.

001_67517-00108 BIson in winter 002_00135-00403 Cape buffalo 003_11755 Bison calf nursing 004_2006-10-20 211045
BIson in winter Cape buffalo Bison calf nursing Bison
005_21737 Elk bugling early 006_12353 Pygmy goats 007_14504-00106 Bushbuck female 008_25504 Bison by geyser in winter
Bull Elk bugling early Pygmy goats Bushbuck female Bison by geyser in winter
009_18304-01212 Bohor reedbucks 010_18304-01910 Bohor reedbuck 011_2006-10-20 203030 012_2006-10-20 203321
Bohor reedbucks Bohor reedbuck Pronghorn Pronghorn Female
013_2006-10-20 203726 014_2006-10-20 204020 015_2006-10-20 212308 016_22279  Mountain goat
Young Pronghorn male Young Pronghorn Pronghorn Buck Mountain goat
017_25348 Bighorn sheep in snow 018_24494 Okapi 019_30554 Topi & nursing baby 020_36925 Topi and young
Bighorn sheep in snow Okapi Topi & nursing baby Topi and young
021_30483 Topi on hillside 022_36912 Topis on termite hill 023_39582 Greater Kudu-Sam 024_25526 Llama head
Topi on hillside Topis on termite hill Greater Kudu Llama head

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