Wolves Gallery

Below is just a sampling of my collection of Wolf images. I have traveled to wildlife parks across the country as well as the Colorado Backcountryto photograph these magestic creatures All images on this gallery are available as stock. Please contact me for more information or to inquire about ordering.

001_00368-02706 Gray wolf by water 002_00368-00102 Mexican wolf 003_00368-01016 Mexican wolf 004_00368-01607 Gray wolf eating deer
Gray wolf by water Mexican wolf Mexican wolf Gray wolf eating deer
005_00368-02218 Wolves by river 006_00368-03920 Gray wolf 007_00368-02607 Red wolf 008_00368-02610 Red wolf
Wolves by river Gray wolf Red wolf Red wolf
009_00368-05110 Wolves 010_00368-05602 Gray wolf pups 011_00368-06613 Gray wolf & pup 012_00368-07116 Mexican wolf
Wolves Gray wolf pups Gray wolf & pup Mexican wolf
013_0368-02120 Gray wolves by river 014_15890 Gray wolf in snow 015_21911 Arctic wolf 016_21919 Gray wolf & pup
Gray wolves by river Gray wolf in snow Arctic wolf Gray wolf & pup
017_21920 Arctic wolf 018_23383 Wolf cubs 019_24146 Arctic wolf on ledge 020_25186 Arctic wolf in pond
Arctic wolf Wolf cubs Arctic wolf on ledge Arctic wolf in pond
021_24155 Gray wolf 022_24446 Black wolf 023_25192 Gray wolf 024_25551 Black wolf head
Gray wolf Black wolf Gray wolf Black wolf head
025_25552  Gray wolf howling 026_29055 Wolf pup howling 027_25555 Gray wolf 028_29054 Grey wolf pup
Gray wolf howling Wolf pup howling Gray wolf Grey wolf pup

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